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Diversity Summit
May 10, 2024
Sugar Land Marriott


Building a Sense of Belonging
in the Changing World


Value Differences and Foster Inclusive Environment  



  • Value Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to maximize business performance

  • Value and respect everyone regardless of differences 

  • Attract and retain a diverse workforce

  • Maximize personal and career growth

  • Leverage supplier diversity for competitive advantage


  • Power of Forgiveness

  • Where Do We Go From Here?  Bridging Differences Across "Communities of the Like-Minded"

  • One Houston Together

  • LGBTQ+ Social Movements in the United States

  • Putting the "E" Back to "ESG" - Equity and the Environment

  • What is neurodiversity, and how it fits together with mental health

  • Culture Revolution for a New Digital Age of Trusted AI

  • Improving Health Equity Access Across Our Communities

Registration (includes Conference and Webinars)



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